Sexual Health

What’s on offer at MYPAS Sexual Health Clinics?

MYPAS provides a free and confidential sexual health service to young people, both male and female from 12-21 years of age.

We aim to meet the needs of all young people, regardless of sexuality, gender, religion and ability and offer a respectful service to anyone we come into contact with.
We are here to support you in making informed choices about your personal and sexual relationships that are right for you. We also supply a wide range of sexual health information and advice that you may need.
We have aimed to make our opening hours suitable for young people, both afternoon’s lunchtimes and evenings.

You don't need an appointment - just come along during the clinic times and talk to us.

Where you can find us and our opening times:

Tolbooth Hall, 176 High Street, Dalkeith :

PLEASE NOTE: Tolbooth Hall will be under building work until October but will still be open at the following times:

TUESDAY 4.30-7.30pm
WEDNESDAY 4.30-7.30pm
FRIDAY 1.00-4.00pm

Stepping Forward, 60 Queensway, Penicuik :

MONDAY 6.00-8.30pm

Cherry Road Resource Centre, Bonnyrigg :
(C-Card Only Clinic) 

THURSDAY 3.45-5.30pm



We offer a wide range of contraception such as the pill, the jag and the patch.
For further information about these methods of contraception go to

Emergency Contraception
If you have had unprotected sex or the condom has burst, we can offer emergency contraception. The sooner after unprotected sex or burst condom that you take emergency contraception the more effective it is.
If we are closed, you can go to some pharmacists (Chemists) and get free emergency contraception. For
details of the nearest Pharmacy to you, visit

You can also go to your GP. Let them know why you need
to be seen urgently. Other services that can help are:

Caledonia Youth, 5 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh 0131 229 3596

Family Planning Clinics (in various locations) – for details phone 0131
332 7941

Chalmers Sexual Health Clinic – for details phone 0131 536 1070

Pregnancy Testing
Free and confidential pregnancy testing with immediate results is on offer at MYPAS clinics.
Pregnancy Advice
Including Abortion/Continuing with a pregnancy .  If you have a positive pregnancy test and are unsure as to what to do, we can offer you counselling and support, to help you make the right decision for you. We can then refer you on to the appropriate place.

We offer a wide range of free condoms, as well as advice and discussion about using condoms. For further information about C-card, visit

Our clinics provide support, information and advice to young people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender. If you feel uncertain about your sexuality and need advice and support you can also speak to us

For other support, you can also visit
- the organisation in Scotland that specialises in supporting lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender young people.
Sexually Transmitted  Infections
We can test you for Chlamydia, HIV and Syphilis and also give you advice on how to prevent STI’s, or where else you can be tested.

Other places you can be tested for STI’s are

Chalmers Sexual Health Clinic - telephone 0131 536 1070

For a free chlamydia Postal Testing Kit (PTK), visit:

Sexual Abuse or Rape
If someone has pressurised you into doing something against your will, such as have sex with them, look at pornography with them or do anything sexual that made you feel uncomfortable, you need to talk to someone. If you have been sexually abused or raped either recently or in the past, you need to talk to someone. The Nurse Counsellors at MYPAS, are qualified to listen and support you.
Other agencies you can contact are:
Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre.
The support line (0131 556 9437) or visit

or telephone Chalmers Sexual Health Clinic, on
0131 536 1070

When you talk to a member of staff here at MYPAS, you have a right to expect anything you say will not be spoken about or passed on to anyone outside the team without your permission.

The nurse or youth worker feels that something that you have said, means that you may be harmed in some way and they are concerned about  your safety.

The nurse or youth worker will act in your best interest.
If you would like us to explain more about this, please ask.
Emergency contacts and other useful websites
NHS 24 Tel. 0845 242424

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