Counselling...a spectrum of possibility!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Counselling can really be summed up in a few words; non-judgmental, safe & helpful.

I can still remember my 1st session feeling so nervous - sitting in the waiting room feeling alone, wondering what it would be like and who I was about to meet.

In my mind I felt that it was never going to get better and counselling was something to be embarrassed about - but it wasn’t and the counsellor showed me that session after session. He told me that it was a place to feel safe from judgment while you were able to talk about anything you felt able to - I believed him and continued going right until the end. Sometimes people just need to be given the chance to use their voice and say what they really feel -something I never really did in life. Counselling was the place for me to do that!

Going to that small, simple room once a week was like a sanctuary for me - a time to be me, to let go and let out all my worries, fears and bad thoughts, the things that I would usually keep quiet.

Feeling alone in the world is the worst thing to feel for anyone - counselling made me see that I wasn’t. My family and my counsellor together made it okay for me to be myself - the girl who can lack confidence, may hide behind the shadows of others but has two sides to her - the side you all see, and the person that I want you all to see. Its funny to think that not a single friend in my life knew about this big part of my life, I never really knew if they would understand- making me think that no ones knows me better than my family.

Counselling began as a way to feel better but it ended up as the start of the journey to define myself as who I really am, hoping that people can look past the image - the shy, quiet girl they once knew and see me - the real me!

Fear can be a terrible thing if you let it control your life - the fear of living and being yourself, worrying about the judgment of others is no way to be.

So for anyone thinking of counselling, don’t see it as many do - a place for crazy people- forget that image and see it for what it is, a spectrum of possibility!

Remember “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”
(Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, 1988 )

Joanne (18)