MYPAS (Midlothian Young People's Advice Service) was set up in 1999. At that time the project provided two services:


  • Sexual health information, advice and clinics, along with some teaching in local high schools
  • Information and advice on a range of other issues affecting young people, such as housing, drugs, bullying. This part of the project also aimed to increase young people’s involvement in MYPAS and the local community.

Over the past six years, MYPAS has expanded enormously, and the project now provides a wider range of services. New services have been set up in response to issues and needs that young people have told us about or that staff at the project have identified. We believe that young people often have more than one issue or problem to deal with at any one time and more often than not these are all connected in some way. So it makes sense to offer a range of connected services where young people can access the support they need. At the moment these services cover the following issues or aspects of health for young people:


  • Sexual health information, advice and clinics.
  • The links between sexual health and alcohol / other drugs
  • Counselling on a range of issues such as bereavement, bullying, family relationships, depression
  • Art therapy, providing support on issues similar to counselling Alcohol and other drugs, including advice for parents
  • Youth participation to give young people a stronger voice and greater involvement in Midlothian


For information about each of our services, click on the coloured boxes above. To Download a referral form click here:

If you have suggestions about any new services that MYPAS could set up, we’d really like to hear about your ideas.